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Greetings to all Eastside Banshees Supporters,

Whether you are an Old Boy of Eastside RFC or the Twin Cities Irish Banshees prior to the merger, an Old Boy of the post-merger Eastside Banshees RFC, a strong sideline supporter, a current member, or simply a Rugby enthusiast in the Twin Cities community, we are looking for your continued support!  The Eastside Banshees club would like to provide you with an overview of our long-term strategy for growth and sustainability, what it will take to achieve those goals from a financial and infrastructure perspective, and how you can help the club achieve that vision. 


To give a bit of background, the Eastside Banshees has an annual operating budget of $25-30K. The majority of this revenue stream comes from player dues and some targeted fundraisers throughout the calendar year, for example the annual summer golf outing.  This approach has proved to be sufficient in the past, but the club is at a stage now where additional resources and infrastructure are key to growing to the next level. 
Recently we have grown our revenue base by tapping into local business sponsorships which provide benefit to the club as well as to the partnering organizations, but we know we can do even more.


The club is looking to boost the operating budget to support some key tactical and strategic priorities in 2018 and beyond. A few examples:

  • Subsidize travel cost for players both for regional matches as well as an upcoming tour to Ireland 2019.
  • Elevate our training capabilities via coaching clinics and trainings for the coaching staff, and player equipment for practice sessions.
  • Last but not least, we are searching for a new place to call home here in the Twin Cities.  Within the next 15 years we hope to build our own facility similar to what Wisconsin RFC has in the works or what the Chicago Blaze have already built, which includes multiple fields, locker rooms, banquet hall and tap house, and the full clubhouse experience.


The Eastside Banshees desire to be THE premier destination club for all things rugby in the Twin Cities.  


In order to achieve these lofty goals, the club needs to evolve its financial as well as operating structure. The Old Boys network can be of value in several ways:

  • A lot of you have expertise in several areas of business and community development;
  • Have local networks and connections that the club could tap into; and
  • Can assist in boosting the club’s financial resources via sponsorships, partnerships and direct contributions


The formation of a separate entity and board to oversee the planning and fundraising for the Eastside Banshees Clubhouse is in progress, but in addition to that one of the ways each of you can help support the club is through a sustainability sponsorship program, whereby a regular and ongoing contribution to the club helps meet these goals, while providing you with some special benefits in return. 


Does this seem too lofty of a goal?  Look at it this way, if just 25 people committed at each level of sponsorship, within 10 years’ time we would have raised nearly $1.5 million.  We know there are many more supporters out there, and will continue to do what it takes to grow this club into what we all know it can be.


To the right you will see a breakdown of each level of support, what these different levels will get you in return, and proposed allocation distributions.  Thank you in advance for all your continued support, and keep an eye out for the new and exciting things the Eastside Banshees have planned for the coming years!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding the details of this program or how to get involved! 
Ben Bakk's phone number and a link to send an email are to the right.  

Kind Regards,

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits


Annual Gift



Entry $10.00      
Supporter $25.00 x    
Rugger $50.00 x x  
Pro $100.00 x x2 x
Elite $200.00 x x2 x2


Proposed Allocation of Funds

  50% -     General Expenses and Domestic Travel
  25% -     International Tours (target once every 3-5 years)  
  25% -     Clubhouse Endowment Fund  

Ben Bakk

Club Vice President

Phone: (612) 877-0542